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  • Photo of Kazembe Balagun in a garden.
    Photo of Kazembe Balagun by Maresi Starzmann
  • Still from THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS - A woman shouts and waves fabric in the middle of a crowd of civilians and soldiers.

introduced by cultural historian Kazembe Balagun


Tuesday, June 11

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Activist and cultural historian Kazembe Balagun will introduce Gillo Pontecorvo’s masterpiece of political filmmaking THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS, produced by and based on the memoirs of FLN (Algerian Liberation Movement) leader Saadi Yacef.

Kazembe Balagun is a cultural historian, activist, writer, youngest son of Ben and Millie, and originally from Harlem, New York. From 2008 to 2013, he served as Director of Outreach and Education at the Brecht Forum in New York, where he helped bring together performance art, LGBT history, film, and jazz with Marxism and the Black Radical Tradition. He is a frequent contributor to the Indypendent, where he published the last interview of Octavia Butler (included in Consuela Francis’ Conversations with Octavia Butler, University Press of Mississippi). Most recently, Finally Got the News: The Printed Legacy of the Radical Left (Common Notions) published Balagun’s essay on art and people of color communist collectives. He was a member of the Red Channels Film Collective and has presented at Metrograph, Brooklyn Academy of Art, Brooklyn Public Library, Woodbine, and Maysles Cinema. He serves as a project manager with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York and is working on a project looking at uncovering the history of the Black Commune.


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Tuesday, June 11

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