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Tuesday, October 14

New 4K Restoration

(1937) Everyman’s search for Shangri-La, as diplomat Ronald Colman and his oddly-assorted party, air-napped in the Himalayas, stumble on a lost city deep in a mountain valley. A radical change of pace for Capra – with four times the budget of his studio’s previous record – adapted by Robert Riskin from James Hilton’s pseudo-mystical best seller. This new 4K restoration, including a newly-recovered scene missing for over 75 years, is the most complete version since its original release. Approx. 132 min. DCP.


"A grand adventure film, magnificently staged, beautifully photographed, and capitally played.”
– The New York Times

“Grand fun as a treasured, childish fable… full of emotional highs from the enjoyable hokum of never growing old in the fabled Shangri-La to the pleasurable frissons of perilous treks through the snow.” 
– Andrew Sarris