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  • Two men sit together in a plaza; one wears a patch over one eye.
  • Two women and two men sit around a table at a restaurant; each has a glass of beer.

Whit Stillman’s

2:30   8:45

Thursday, May 9

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(1994) “It’s the last decade of the Cold War. Ted (Nichols) is a young, serious-minded car company executive getting over a failed affair, his recovery hardly helped when Fred (Eigman) – a brash naval officer – turns up uninvited to stay in his Barcelona flat. When Fred starts ‘borrowing’ money from his host and meddling in his encounters with various girls, tensions between the pair come to a boil. An incisive comedy of misplaced American manners, this is for the most part a very funny portrait of immaturity deceived by its own ignorance and blinkered obstinacy.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out (London). 35mm. Approx. 101 min.

Part of Whit Stillman’s “Doomed. Bourgeois. In Love” Trilogy.



Whit Stillman’s<br>

Whit Stillman’s

Thursday, May 9
12:30   6:30