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Film Forum’s endowment campaign was spurred by an unsolicited challenge grant of $1.25 million awarded in May 2000 by the Ford Foundation as part of its New Directions/New Donors for the Arts program. Led by our former Board Chair, Ned Lord, Film Forum initiated the Campaign for the Future, an effort to raise $6 million for an endowment fund that will assure our future for decades to come.



$750,000 & above:
Cordelia Corporation
Ford Foundation: New Directions/New Donors

$200,000 & above:
FJJ Foundation for the establishment of the Joan S. Constantiner Jewish and Holocaust Film Fund
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Norman & Rosita Winston Foundation

$100,000 & above:
J. Kerry Clayton & Paige Royer
Hayes Family Fund
Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation

$75,000 & above:
Illy Caffè for the Sponsorship of the Fellini Coffee Bar

$50,000 & above:
*Kimberley & Brian Carlson
William & Mary Greve Foundation
Ellen Levy Foundation
Elena & Ned Lord
Paige Royer & J. Kerry Clayton

$10,000 & above:
Alice Gottesman & Laurence Zuckerman
The Grodzins Fund
*Quadrangle Group Foundation
Jane Scovell
The Susan Stein Shiva Foundation

$5,000 & above:
In memory of Judith Cousins Di Meo
Nancy Dine & Bob Minto
Douglas & Susanne Durst
Joan & David Grubin
Richard Kuczowski & Mia Leo
David O. Leiwant
Liz & Gus Oliver
Theodore C. Rogers
Helena Rubinstein Foundation
Sukey Chipps Tamarkin
Margo Wintersteen
Judith Wu

$1,000 & above
Michael Badalucco & Brenda Heyob
Adam Bartos
*The Brothers of Archania
The Juju Chang & Neal Shapiro Charitable Fund
Andrew H. Chapman
Peggy & Dick Danziger
Stephen Esposito
*Marion I. Fasel
Karen Freedman & Roger Weisberg
Seth Gelblum
Laurel Gonsalves
Ted Hartley & Dina Merrill
The Haupt Foundation, Inc.
Howe Family
The Herman Liebmann Foundation
WC and Pamela Livingston
Mark Longtin & Lina Hsu
J. Scott Manzler
Grace R. & Alan D. Marcus Foundation
Nisha Gupta McGreevy
The Dorothy and Mark Nelkin Charitable Fund
Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust/Wendy Keys & Donald Pels
The New Yorker Festival
*Penny Proddow
*Steven Rattner & P. Maureen White
Roberta & Irwin Schneiderman
*Joshua L. Steiner
E. Winkler & N. Allerston
Fred Wistow

*In Memory of George Fasel

And thanks to the over 300 individuals who gave gifts of less than $1,000 to the Campaign. Click here for a full list.


Special thanks to
for their support for the Campaign for the Future.


South of Houston, a limited-edition silkscreen signed and numbered by artist Tom SlaughterCampaign for the Future contributors at the $5,000 and above level receive “South of Houston,” a limited-edition silkscreen signed and numbered by artist Tom Slaughter.

For further information about supporting Film Forum’s endowment, please contact Denyse Reed at 212.627.2035 x225 or by email.