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Sunday, September 25
at 11:00 AM

Starring The Marx Brothers


Plus Marx Bros. dress up contest!

(1932, Norman Z. McLeod) “Whatever it is, I’m against it!” declares Groucho’s Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, new president of Huxley College — as speakeasy-recruited football ringers Chico and Harpo re-write the rule book to help win The Big Game. New Restoration! DCP. Approx. 70 min. 

Noah Diamond (Groucho), Matt Roper (Chico), and Seth Shelden (Harpo), stars of the recent off-off-Broadway revival of the Marx Brothers musical I’ll Say She Is, will judge our MARX BROTHERS DRESS-UP CONTEST, along with comedian Bob Greenberg (Vinyl, Saturday Night Live, Old Jews Telling Jokes) and actor Allen Lewis Rickman (Boardwalk Empire, A Serious Man). 

Contest open to everybody! Come dressed as any of the four Marx Brothers (yes, even Zeppo, but your chances of winning are slim). Prizes awarded to the best adult Marx Brother and the best kid Marx Brother (12 and under).

All tickets (grown-ups and kids): $8.  All members and children under 12 can stay for A DAY AT THE RACES at no additional charge.