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introduced by James Curtis

1:30*  8:20

Sunday, November 29

*Sunday’s 1:30 show will be introduced by James Curtis, author of William Cameron Menzies: The Shape of Films to Come, available at our concession today.  Mr. Curtis will sign books in the lobby following the screening.  

(1942, Sam Wood) “Where’s the rest of me?” gasps Ronald Reagan (in his best and favorite role) as he wakes to a nasty surprise post-surgery by the normally likable Charles Coburn; and why does doctor Claude Rains react so strongly to daughter Betty Fields’ romance with Robert Cummings? The dark side of coming of age in late-Victorian, all-American small town, with dazzling all-studio deep focus photography by James Wong Howe, and perhaps Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s (Robin Hood) greatest score. Producer David Lewis credited Menzies with "the entire tone of the film.” 35mm. Approx 127 min.


“A MELODRAMA OF MADNESS, INCEST, AND SURGICAL HORROR...the picture sings, its expressive composition and peerless studio sets suggesting a dark richness. It is distinguished by Menzies's great visual inventiveness, his practical understanding of construction and lighting, and his exquisite compositional sense, that sure-handed way of structuring the lines in a setup to guide the eye and the heart.”
– Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice


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James Curtis introduces KINGS ROW

Recorded November 29, 2015

Film Forum