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Wednesday, January 11  12:50   8:30
Thursday, January 12  3:10

(1931, Alexander Korda) On the Marseilles waterfront, Pierre Fresnay’s Marius yearns for the sea, despite the stormy opposition of his bar-owning Papa, Raimu’s César, and his own love for Orane Demazis’s Fanny. The original cast of Pagnol’s stage triumph recreated their roles for Hungarian expatriate and British mogul-to-be Korda. DCP.

Restored by Compagnie Méditerranéenne de Film – MPC and the Cinémathèque Française. Restoration supervised by Nicolas Pagnol and Hervé Pichard (Cinémathèque Française), with work carried out by Digimage laboratory and color grading by Guillaume Schiffman.