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In 2020, Film Forum will be half a century old. Not bad for a scrappy non-profit that started with 50 folding chairs and a 16mm projector the size of a breadbox. We've grown over all these years because of people who appreciate independent films and classic cinema… who believe going to the movies is worth their time, money, and energy… who want to learn about a world that extends far beyond the borders of New York City… and who care about a 100-year-old art form – movies that give us insight into our history and ourselves.

We’re raising $6 million to:

By expanding into the loading dock next door to our current 3-screen cinema, we’ll be able to bring you more independent film premieres and classic movies.

More than 4,000 people responded to our recent survey. We heard you: “Love the movies. Hate the seats.” So, we are installing all new seating throughout to provide greater comfort and expanded legroom, rebuilding the floor to improve sightlines, and installing digital screens in the lobby to make movie reviews and graphics more accessible.

Click here to see a pdf presentation of our expansion and renovation plans.

Donors' generosity assures support for movies in which they believe. Today we have three endowed funds created by gifts of at least $100,000 each. 

In early 2018, we begin building the new screen. In May and June we close down to renovate. Film Forum members will receive an extra 2 months of membership on their cards.
We re-open August 1, 2018!

Click here for the Film Forum 50 Funders list



Please join us at this crucial moment in our growth. We are asking for one-time gifts. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Here’s what you will receive for your gift:

  • Up to $249: credit on our website
  • $250–$749: the above plus credit on a plaque in our lobby
  • $750–$2,499: the above plus (2) tickets to a re-opening celebration in summer 2018
  • $2,500 & more: the above plus a total of (4) tickets to a re-opening celebration in summer 2018

For those considering larger gifts (including naming opportunities and endowed funds):
contact Denyse Reed, or call 212 627-2035. 



A special thanks... to our landlord Jeffrey Gural and Brian Steinwurtzel of Newmark Holdings. We honor the perspicacity of Newmark founder, Aaron Gural, who gave us a lease in 1989 for the space we currently occupy on West Houston Street. We would not be here today, planning for the future, without his generous foresight.