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small is beautiful

Can going to the movies help protect our imperiled democracy?

We can’t tell you that supporting Film Forum will help to feed a single hungry child, stop terrorism, or discourage the Oath Keepers. But we can assure you that we will continue to look for the best-made, smartest, most thoughtful new films being produced around the world on the subjects of human rights, racial injustice, climate change, gender identity, voter suppression, income inequality, women’s rights, and much more.

Please help us continue to be part of the intellectual and emotional landscape of your life.
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You can be confident our programmers will scour archives and festivals to discover classics that deserve to be revisited, the works of little known directors who have something important to say, and the movies that define our history and help us think incisively about our future. 

Help us continue to help you bring a knowledgeable, creative, open-minded approach to strengthening our fragile democracy. Please donate today. Many thanks.

“Evil is the absence of seriousness.”
— Joan Didion, from an anecdote, shared at her memorial service in Sept. 2022

“Art isn’t a lever that moves history, but a lens that shapes perception of it.
Certain narrative works, novels as well as films, provide illumination
different from what might be found in journalism or history.”

— A.O. Scott, The New York Times (April 7, 2022)

“Nothing replaces the collective and shared experience of cinema.
Cinema also has the unique ability to expose our fissures and unveil who we are.”


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