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Friday, May 5

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Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville

Starring Alain Delon, Yves Montand, Gian Maria Volontè and Bourvil

(1970) Impassive faces, snap-brim hats, dangling cigarettes, sunglasses after dark, raincoats without rain… We’re unmistakably in the milieu of Melville, here bringing together four archetypal tough guys for their appointment with destiny: prisoner-in-transit Gian Maria Volontè; relentless inspector Bourvil; DT-plagued ex-cop Yves Montand; and super-cool Alain Delon, all joining forces for a meticulously-orchestrated jewel heist. 35mm. Approx. 140 min.


“The kind of experience that makes you glad movies exist.”
– A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“A virtuoso display of the geometry of movie action.”
– The New Yorker

“Choreographed like a bullfight with Delon the matador in white gloves and full-face mask.”
– J. Hoberman

“Only Melville could recreate this strange universe of unreal images, of misty landscapes.”
– Jean Tulard, Guide des Films

“Darker, more abstract and desolate than his earlier work, this shows, set piece by set piece, the breakdown of the criminal code under which Melville’s characters had previously operated.” 
– Time Out (London)

“A digest of all the thriller-type films I have made.”
– Jean-Pierre Melville


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