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  • A young boy rides a black horse along a bright blue ocean.
  • A young boy stands in the water with a black stallion, feeding it.
  • A young boy and the black stallion stand apart from each other along the shore at sunset.

Carroll Ballard’s

The current COVID-19 crisis is a developing situation. We are not selling tickets at this time, but we are hopeful that we will show all of these films in the near future, possibly at other dates than originally announced.

DCP Restoration

Director Carroll Ballard
Cast Kelly Reno, Teri Garr, Mickey Rooney
Screenplay Melissa Mathison, Jeanne Rosenberg, William D. Witliff
Based on the novel by Walter Farley
Cinematography Caleb Deschanel
1979 | USA | DCP Restoration | Approx. 118 min. | In English

1946. A young boy ends up shipwrecked on an island with an Arabian black stallion and a loving bond forms. Cinematography by Caleb Deschanel (Being There, The Right Stuff, The Lion King) and a powerful score by Carmine Coppola. Oscar-nominated performance by Mickey Rooney playing a retired horse trainer.


“A magnificently well-crafted movie.”
Time Out (London)

“A wonderful experience at the movies.”
– Roger Ebert