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Sunday, March 10

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U.S., 2003
Directed by Mark Waters
Screenplay by Heather Hach and Leslie Dixon
Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan
Approx. 96 min. DCP.

“On the eve of her wedding, Jamie Lee Curtis’ overworked uptight Tess mysteriously switches bodies with her rebellious wanna-be rockstar teenage daughter (Lindsay Lohan) — bad timing, huh? Disney’s millennial update of their 1976 classic is a quick-witted, perfectly modulated family farce with a pair of beautifully matched performances from Ms. Lohan and especially Ms. Curtis, who does some of her best work ever.” – The New York Times


“Lindsay Lohan … has that Jodie Foster sort of seriousness and intent focus beneath her teenage persona, and Jamie Lee Curtis has always had an undercurrent of playfulness; they're right for these roles not only because of talent, but also because of their essential natures.”
– Roger Ebert

“... funny and energetic, with a nicely warm and sympathetic approach.”
– Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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