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Wednesday, September 6

(1994) Central Park East Secondary School (CPESS), an alternative school in Spanish Harlem, where 85%-95% of its black and Hispanic student body go on to 4-year colleges. 16mm. Approx. 220 min.


“Offers a much more uplifting, progressive image of a ‘place of learning’ than Wiseman’s dark, troubling 1968 High School.  Scenes with students and teachers leave one with positive impressions and stand as a sharp contrast to the strict, oppressive approach depicted at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School three decades earlier.”
– Eric Monder, Film Journal International

“Wiseman struggles to be positive but settles for honest.”
– Matt Prigge, The Village Voice

“You hear the staff ask the students to add detail, to provide more evidence. That’s exactly what Wiseman does devotedly and brilliantly.”
– Stuart Klawans, The Nation

Film Forum