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7:30 ♪

Friday, March 15

Introduced by Victoria Riskin, with post-film Q&A

♪ Live piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner

(1928, Erich Von Stroheim) Broke Prince Nikki Von Wildeliebe-Rauffenberg (deliciously played by director Stroheim) decides to go for the kroner via marriage to lame daughter of Vienna’s Corn Plaster King, but en route finds tender romance with wine garden Jungfrau Fay Wray. One of Stroheim’s silent masterpieces, with the opening Technicolor Corpus Christie procession; the lovers’ apple-blossomed idyll; and the wedding amid torrential rain among the all-time classic sequences – as well as the first important role for his then-21-year-old leading lady. Preserved by the Paramount Pictures Archive, with special thanks to the Library of Congress and Kevin Brownlow. Following the film, Bruce Goldstein will chat with Fay’s daughter Victoria Riskin. New DCP restorationApprox. 113 min.

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