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Will the Real Normal Mailer Please Stand Up? & A Visit with Truman Capote


Saturday, January 20

Will the Real Norman Mailer Please Stand Up?

(1968, Dick Fontaine) Mailer circa The Armies of the Night, at interviews, anti-war demonstrations, and on the set of his latest movie. “Offers a fascinating demonstration of how all versions of an event — no matter how conscientious or ‘truthful’ — are none the less versions, and potential grist for any number of independent mills.”– Jonathan Rosenbaum.  Digital. Approx. 60 min.

A Visit with Truman Capote

(1966, Albert & David Maysles, Charlott Zwerin) In the wake of his In Cold Blood triumph, Capote talks shop with a Newsweek interviewer at his place in the Hamptons, then takes the book’s real life hero, Kansas cop Alvin Dewey, and his star-struck wife for “breakfast” at Tiffany’s. Digital. Approx. 29 min.

“A fly-on-the-wall production that showcases the feted author in his Long Island kitchen as he prepares lunch for himself and Denison… gives a sense of privileged access, a window onto the ‘kind of truth’ Drew proclaimed.” 
– Melissa Anderson, 4Columns