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11:00 AM

Sunday, September 28

(1960, George Pal) Victorian inventor Rod Taylor pierces the time barrier to discover humans enslaved by cannibalistic Morlocks in the year 802,701—with a stop-over in 1966 to see London in nuclear flames. A special effects Oscar winner, based on the H.G. Wells novel. Approx. 103 min. 35mm. 


“Entertaining George Pal sci-fi, loosely derived from the H.G. Wells novel and set at about the time the book was written - 1895. The plush Victorian furnishings in the home of the time-travelling scientist are contrasted with the catacombs of the cannibalistic future, where Yvette Mimieux is a dainty morsel on the menu. The machine itself is a beauty, with a red velvet seat and gadgets made of ivory and rock crystal, and the time-travel effects help to make this film ONE OF THE BEST OF ITS KIND.”
– Pauline Kael