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TEHRAN TABOO Introduced by Iranian Cinema Scholar Dr. Jamsheed Akrami

Friday, February 16, 8:00 show

Dr. Jamsheed Akrami is a scholar of Iranian cinema. A former editor of Iranian film magazines, he has published extensively, presented numerous lectures, curated film series, and produced a number of films, including the feature-length documentaries The Lost Cinema, on political filmmaking under the Shah, and Friendly Persuasion, on Iranian cinema after the 1979 revolution. The films were screened in international film festivals and enjoyed theatrical runs and television screenings in US and Canada.  A Cinema of Discontent completes Jamsheed Akrami’s trilogy on Iranian cinema.

Mr. Akrami is a film professor at William Paterson University, where he teaches Film as a Medium, Film as Crosscultural Communication, and Film and Civic Engagement.  He was also a visiting professor of film at Columbia University for several years.


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Through Tuesday, February 27

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