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Borom Sarret
Senegal, 1963
Approx. 18 min., 4K DCP Restoration.

"Borom Sarret is about a cartman, hard pressed for cash, who during a typical day makes no money, performs a few simply human services, worries about his horse, exhibits a callousness that seems quite reasonable and finally loses his cart after breaking a law left over from colonialism." – Roger Ebert 

Senegal, 1964
Approx. 35 min., DCP

Tells the story of a 13-year-old girl from a small village who must single-handedly deal with backlash from her community after an unwanted, incestuous pregnancy. Adapted from Sembène’s own short story, Niaye delivers a scathing commentary on the hypocrisy of village traditions.

Senegal, 1970
Starring Ibrahima Boye, Fatim Diagne, Amadi Dieng
Approx. 24 min., 16mm

The story of two brothers in the generation after independence. Tauw, an unemployed 20-year-old, must deal with the consequences of the shifting morality and stifled job market in urban Senegal, while 11-year old Ouman must confront the contradictions of his religious instruction. Naturalistic in its presentation, Tauw dramatizes how unprepared both are to face the realities presented by a changing society. Forcefully drawn and still poignant.” – African Film Festival New York



On Borom Sarret
“A powerful piece of filmmaking.”
– Roger Ebert

“Mr. Sembène gives us a pointed and poignant view of the struggle for existence in Dakar's lower depths in the 19-minute Borom Sarret."
– The New York Times

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