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Monday, February 1

(2009) DCP. Approx. 105 mins.


A Serious Man is, like its biblical source, a distilled, hyperbolic account of the human condition. The punch line is a little different, but you know the joke. And it's on you, of course.”
– A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“A comic parable that treats its characters with some measure of understanding and charts its own path without looking over its shoulder to earlier movies.”
– J.R. Jones, The Chicago Reader

 “So rich and funny. This isn't a laugh-laugh movie, but a wince-wince movie. Those can be funny, too.” ­
– Roger Ebert

 “An exquisitely realized work; the filmmakers' technical mastery of their craft, always impressive, has become absolute. The script reads like a novel, densely allusive, funny, and terse. The casting of near-unknowns in all the major roles was a stroke of genius, and every performance is impeccable, as is the lambent cinematography by Roger Deakins.”
– Slate

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