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Thursday, September 14

(1991) 16mm. Approx. 146 min.


“A bold study of contrasts and a bitterly funny—also sad—reflection of the concerns of the American nouveau riche.”
– Eric Monder, Film Journal International

“We visit a boozy, bikini-friendly party on a ski slope, then meet Latino laborers who struggle to find permanent housing in town; we enter a homeopathic hippie health spa, then a Christian church on a Sunday morning. There’s diversity on display but also tension in the contrast, a sense of wildly different values living within the same area code.”
– Eric Hynes, Film Comment

“AN UNSUNG AMERICAN MASTERPIECE. Both a city portrait and a State of the Union address, a bracing mix of cutting social satire and heartfelt Americana. It’s also prescient in its analysis of American society at the dawn of the first Bush administration.”
– Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader