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  • Actor Carroll Baker sleeps on a child's bed, sucking her thumb.
  • Actors Eli Wallach and Carroll Baker sit next to each other on a bench or swing; his hand is over her chest as he appears to whisper in her ear.
  • Actors Eli Wallach and Carroll Baker look at each other intently.


Wednesday, December 11

Carroll Baker in person


(1956, Elia Kazan) Sicilian Eli Wallach, steamed when his new cotton gin goes up in smoke, decides to avenge; himself on suspect Karl Malden by seducing his thumb-sucking child bride Carroll Baker. 35mm. Approx. 114 min.

Ms. Baker will appear in person after the film to talk with film historian Foster Hirsch, followed by a lobby book signing of her new mystery novel Who Killed Big Al? (available for sale at our concession).

Film Forum