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Wednesday, September 13

(1995) Profile of the American Ballet Theatre company, in rehearsal in their NYC studios and on tour in Athens and Copenhagen, with glorious footage of principal dancers Cynthia Harvey, Alessandra Ferri, Susan Jaffe, Christine Dunham, Julio Bocca, and then-soloist Julie Kent. The wry, legendary choreographer Agnes de Mille, and ballet masters Irina Kolpakova, David Richardson and Michael Somes, bring humor, precision and meticulous insight to working with these extraordinary dancers. 16mm.


“Its portrait of ballet dancers at work has no parallel.”
– The Washington Post

“There is a tiny shock that comes from hearing the harsh thump of a toe shoe as it hits a rock-hard floor: how can a motion that looks so effortless and graceful sound like an ugly thud? ‘Ballet’ explores that paradox.”
– The New York Times

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