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  • Nuns in a kitchen sit at a table, chopping leaves, peeling onions, and doing other food preparation tasks.
  • A nun and a priest sit with a young woman in a room with books and candles on a table.
  • Two young women sit next to each other on the side of a bed.
  • A woman walks in a field next to a very rural-looking monastery.
  • Two young women sit next to each other on a bed; one puts her hand on the other's shoulder, as though to comfort her.
  • Two young women sit on their bed, two other nuns are reading and knitting next to them.



Monday, November 25

(2012, Cristian Mungiu) In a remote monastery, pious young women toil under the ever-watchful eye of an austere priest. Portrait of dogma at odds with personal liberty. DCP. Approx. 155 min.

Film Forum