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  • Actor Dee Hepburn holds a soccer ball and looks at John Gordon Sinclair, who looks down.
  • Actor Dee Hepburn stands with her hands on her hips and a soccer ball under her right foot.
  • Actors Dee Hepburn and John Gordon Sinclair look at each other.
  • Actor John Gordon Sinclair leaves a house, surrounded by three toddlers playing.

Bill Forsyth’s

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(1981) Desperate after an 8-game losing streak, a sexist Glasgow school soccer team coach accepts Dee Hepburn, a hotshot female player (who had to take six weeks of training for the role); and although demoted to goalie, teenage knucklehead John Gordon Sinclair falls hard. Prodded by the advice of smart-mouthed 10-year-old sister Allison Forster, he does make his move, but there’s behind the scenes feminine conspiracies en route. Made on the proverbial shoestring – but turning 64,000 percent profit – delicately painful and hilarious coming of age story. Forsyth’s screenplay won the British Oscar. Voted 30 in the BFI list of 100 greatest British films of the 20th century. DCP. Approx. 91 min.

A Film Movement Release


“It is, by definition, irresistible. This enchanting comedy is one of the cheeriest unsentimental reports on the human condition since François Truffaut's Small ChangeGregory's Girl is a movie with an original, distinct personality. It floats effortlessly over its landscape, seeing all from a marvelously cockeyed perspective all its own.”
– Vincent Canby, The New York Times

“Quirky and utterly endearing.”
– Geoff Andrew, Time Out (London)

“One of the most loved British films of all time.”
– Jane Graham, The Guardian

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