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Friday, August 25

12:40   5:10   9:40

2:55   7:25

DOUBLE FEATURE: Two films for one admission. Tickets purchased entitle patrons to stay and see the following film at no additional charge.


Directed by Peter Yates
Starring Steve McQueen

(1968) 35mm. Approx. 113 min.
12:40, 5:10, 9:40

“The action sequences are brilliant, done without trickery in real locations (including a great car chase which spawned a thousand imitations) to lend an extraordinary sense of immediacy to the shenanigans and gunfights.”
– Tom Milne, Time Out

“Stars like McQueen, Bogart, Wayne or Newman aren’t primarily actors, but presences. Yates understands the McQueen image and works within it. He winds up with about the best action movie of recent years.”
– Roger Ebert

“TERRIFIC! Just right for Steve McQueen—fast, well acted, written the way people talk.”
– Renate Adler, The New York Times


Directed by Peter Yates
Starring Stanley Baker

(1967) DCP. Approx. 114 min.
2:55, 7:25

“Robbery movies need two things: The robbery plan has to (a) hold water, and (b) be incredibly complicated but work like clockwork, with a couple of nice touches we weren’t expecting. It works, it’s good. It doesn’t get sidetracked. It is a reconstruction of how the Great Train Robbery might have happened. Stanley Baker plays the mastermind, drawing together a team of specialists, timing the Edinburgh-London train with a stopwatch, working out in the park, whispering out of the side of his mouth at soccer games, springing the used bank-note expert from prison, insisting on two of everything, and in general behaving like the masterminds in these movies always behave.”
– Roger Ebert

“The heart-stopping opening car chase and climactic action sequence made the film a turning point in Yates’ career.”
– The Guardian

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