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in 3-D

U.S., 1953
Directed by Owen Crump
Starring Roy Thompson Jr., Henry Goszkowski, Richard Karl Elliott
Approx. 75 min. 3-D Film Archive restoration courtesy Paramount Pictures.

"A genuine curio for a number of reasons. It was made entirely in Korea, using real-life soldiers instead of actors, and filmed in 3-D. Out of circulation for more than forty years, it remains a rare title, especially for a Hal Wallis production released by Paramount. Directed by Hollywood veteran Owen Crump and scripted by Walter Doniger, it depicts an ordinary day for a U.S. Army patrol in Korea. Rumor has it that a truce is about to be signed but in the meantime, these soldiers (including one black G.I. and a Chinese-speaking private) continue risking their lives while conducting business as usual." – Leonard Maltin


U.S., 1953
Directed by Jules White

Starring The Three Stooges
Approx. 16 min. 3-D DCP.

Knucklehead mechanics Moe, Larry and Shemp throw a whole arsenal of tools at some crooks — and you!

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