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  • A woman in a black dress stands in a kitchen smoking a cigarette, with a tumbler of Grand Marnier on the counter next to her.
  • A woman's shoulder and face visible above a bouquet and glasses of water and wine on the table at which she is seated.
  • A group of people in dressy clothing stand around a table of hors d'ouevres raise glasses of champagne for a toast.
  • A man seated on a fancy couch leans forward with his elbows on his thighs.
  • Two women in fur coats.



Monday, November 25

(2013, Calin Peter Netzer) After a child is killed in a car accident, a mother (Death of Mr. Lazarescu’s Luminița Gheorghiu) faces an excruciating moral dilemma. DCP. Approx. 112 min.


Child’s Pose sounds like something simple and easy, but don’t be fooled. This stunning film from Romania, exceptionally written, directed and acted and winner of the Berlin Film Festival’s prestigious Golden Bear, is anything but uncomplicated. A ferocious psychological drama with the pace of a thriller, Child’s Pose combines, as have the best of the Romanian New Wave films, a compelling personal story about mothers and sons with an examination of socio-political dynamics in a way that is both intense and piercingly real.”
— Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

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