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Important Update

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  • Close-up on actor Pam Grier, with a slight smile on her face.
  • Actor Pam Grier aims a double-barreled gun at something off-camera.
  • Actor Pam Grier sits on a living room floor, as though she has fallen, but aims a handgun at someone off-camera.



Saturday, January 18

(1973, Jack Hill) “She’ll cream you!” Pam Grier as “the baddest One-Chick Hit-Squad that ever hit town,” a Florence Nightingale of the ghetto out to avenge the pushers who smacked out her kid sister, in the mega-hit that catapulted Grier to Blaxploitation stardom. “She inhabits a world…where torturing victims to death seems to be an admired art.” – The New York Times. 35mmApprox. 90 min.

Film Forum