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  • An orange tomcat looks at a white female cat, who has three kittens around her.
  • Three kittens with bows around their necks sit and look up.


Saturday, December 14

Sunday, December 15

11:00 AM

(1970, Wolfgang Reitherman) After pampered Parisian housecat Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her three kittens are rescued from a catnapping butler by alley cat Thomas O’Malley, “the high-class felines have a high old time with the swinging Thomas and his wild pals” (Maltin). With Scatman Crothers as bandleader Scat Cat. The first Disney animated feature after Walt Disney’s death. DCPApprox. 78 min.


“Light and pleasant and funny, the characterization is strong, and the voices of Phil Harris (O’Malley the Alley Cat) and Eva Gabor (Duchess, the mother cat) are charming in their absolute rightness. The Aristocats is sort of a musical, too, and when O’Malley comes strolling along the riverbank singing about his own sterling qualities, you can’t help but be amused. The problem with a lot of ‘family’ movies is that they’re excruciatingly boring for anyone in the family over the age of 12. I think I can safely say that The Aristocats is not one of those dreadful exercises in simplicity.”
– Roger Ebert