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Important Update

You will be required to provide proof of vaccination for entry to the theater (also applies to children 12 and above).
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  • A man and a child sit in a colorful child's bedroom; the man holds an empty birdcage.
  • Three men sit next to each other on a couch; a painting of horses is on the wall behind them. One man holds a dog, one a cat, and the other a bird in a birdcage.
  • Five adults and one child sit around a dinner table, Christmas decorations in the room around them.



Friday, November 22

(2012, Adrian Sitaru) A series of absurdly comic vignettes unfolds in a cramped apartment building, involving the residents and a group of animals – a rabbit, cat, dog, chicken, and pigeon. Shot in bemused, unflinching long takes. DCP. Approx. 85 min.

Film Forum