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France, 1983
Directed by Diane Kurys
Starring Miou-Miou, Isabelle Huppert, Guy Marchand, Jean-Pierre Bacri
Approx. 110 min. DCP.

"In 1942, Huppert buys her way out of a camp for Jews in occupied France by marrying an ex-Legionnaire who proposes in a coup de foudre. Ten years later, a prosperous bourgeoise in Lyon, she meets an artist (Miou-Miou) who is equally disaffected with her marriage to a good-natured no-hoper. Their developing relationship, 'a little more than friendship and a little less than passion', is the core of the film.” — Time Out


“A VERY PERSONAL, MOVING FILM THAT PLACES KURYS IN THE FOREFRONT OF FRENCH CINEMA… ENTRE NOUS is something like Lawrence Kasdan's BIG CHILL in that it has the looks and manner of a conventional film but, in addition, has the sort of intelligence that seldom survives the smog of compromises in conventional film making… “It's a novel-sized film, the kind that is so perfectly realized in vivid incidents that, not until the end does one realize how big it is and how effortlessly it has covered so much social and psychological territory."
– Vincent Canby, The New York Times

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