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Sunday, May 19

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U.S., 1982
Directed by Steven Spielberg
With Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore,
Approx. 115 min. DCP.

Left behind by his ship, a friendly alien befriends and bonds with lonely 10-year old earthling Elliot (Henry Thomas), as they both try to figure out how to “phone home.” But can they outrun (or fly) the research-hungry government scientists? A mega-blockbuster, at the time passing STAR WARS for top honors as highest-grossing film, nominated for nine Oscars, winning four (including one for John Williams’ unforgettable score).


“Envelops you in the way that his CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND did. It’s a dream of a movie — a bliss-out.”
– Pauline Kael, New Yorker

“This is a real movie, with all those elements that have proved sure-fire through history; Laughter, tears, involvement, thrills, wonderment. Steven Spielberg also adds a message: Human beings and spacelings should learn to co-exist.”
– Bob Thomas, Associated Press

“E.T. thus comes to a beleaguered industry like a gift from the gods. Not only does it get bums on seats but it encourages the kind of shared enjoyment that suggests the cinema still has something unique to offer.”
– Derek Malcolm, The Guardian

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