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New York premiere of new restoration (courtesy Flicker Alley)

First version of story that became SOME LIKE IT HOT

France, 1935
Directed by Richard Pottier
Starring Fernand Gravey, Betty Stockfeld, Madeleine Guitty
Approx. 115 min. DCP.

Jean Rameau (Fernand Gravey) and Pierre Dupont (Julien Carette), two out-of-work musicians in search of stable employment, set their sights on the female led Tulipes orchestra when they learn of two openings in the group. Jean and Pierre disguise themselves as women to audition, ultimately landing the job and joining the group as they travel to perform along the French Riviera. One of the key, yet rarely seen, inspirations behind Billy Wilder’s SOME LIKE IT HOT (both films credit the story to writer Robert Thoeren). This new digital edition was scanned in 4K and fully restored from the original 35mm nitrate fine grain print.


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