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Thursday, April 25
12:40   5:40

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U.K., Germany, 1986
Directed by Ken Loach
Written by Trevor Griffiths
With Gerulf Pannach, Fabienne Babe, Cristine Rose
Approx. 110 mins. 35mm.

“An intriguing departure for Loach, about the voluntary exile of an East German Liedermacher (a radical singer/songwriter) to West Berlin, where his worst fears are confirmed: he has swapped intimidation and censorship for the kind of 'repressive tolerance' that only American record executives and progressive GDR capitalists can convey in all its seductive horror. Superbly composed and cleverly paced, this story of one man's disillusioned exile gives way to a second half in which a thriller-style subplot concerning the singer's vanished father (tracked down to England) takes over. A stimulating and intelligent film with fine performances.” – Time Out

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