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  • A man in uniform lays on a couch, his legs across a man in a suit who is seated next to him. Another man in a suit and another man in a uniform stand behind the couch.
  • A man in uniform sits and speaks on a phone, in an ornately-decorated sitting room.
  • Workers, army officers in uniform, horses, and a man in a white suit are all present in a cemetery.
  • Two men in suits holding their hats speak with each other.
  • One man in an army uniform sits at a desk; another man in uniform next to him stands with his hands leaning on the desk.



Sunday, November 24

(2008, Radu Gabrea) Bad allergy? Naturally an Italian author searches for a Jewish doctor, but there are terrifying truths to be discovered along the way. First Romanian feature to deal with the Holocaust. 35mm print courtesy National Center for Jewish Film. Approx. 97 min.


“An exceptionally good film from Romania that sneaks up on the subject of the Holocaust in an unexpected and compelling way.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“An absorbing tragicomedy which focuses on the attempts of the Italian author Malaparte to search for Josef Gruber, a Jewish doctor, whom he hopes will help cure his severe allergy. The red tape that he has to wade through to find the doctor makes Dickens’ Circumlocution Office seem straightforward.” 
– Ronald Bergan, The Guardian​​​​​​​

Film Forum