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Important Update

You will be required to provide proof of vaccination for entry to the theater (also applies to children 12 and above).
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Sunday, July 16

Directed by John Cassavetes

Starring John Cassavetes, Ben Gazzara and Peter Falk

(1970) Cassavetes’ epic of male menopause, as he sends Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara and himself on a transcontinental bender. A search for lost youth moving from barroom to basketball court to gaming tables, to a series of sordid hotel room trysts – and back home again for the dreaded morning after. DCP restoration. Approx. 154 min.


“Impossible to dismiss or shake off. The performances are potent.”
– Jonathan Rosenbaum

“Few films capture with such life-affirming wonder the despair, hatred, and incomprehension that drives the sexes together and apart.”
– Richard Brody

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