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  • Two women stand outside in the rain; one is under an umbrella.
  • A woman tends to plants outside; a man stands by her.
  • A man sits and looks off; a woman in a kimono stands next to him and looks at him.
  • A man works surrounded by brick walls, while another man looks on.



Tuesday, October 29

歓呼の町 (Kanko no machi)

Director Keisuke Kinoshita
Cast Ken Uehara, Ejirô Tôno, Chôko Iida
Screenplay Kaoru Morimoto | Cinematography Hiroshi Kusada
1944 | Japan | 35mm print courtesy National Film Archive of Japan | approx. 73 min. | In Japanese with English subtitles created especially for this screening

On a little street slated for wartime evacuation by the authorities, the shopkeepers don’t want to leave: the printer’s family wants to finish their last orders and birth that baby, the crotchety bathhouse keeper just ain’t goin’, and the mother of test pilot Ken Uehara, busy romancing Mitsuko Mito, keeps hoping her long-lost husband will still return. But…

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