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  • A young boy and a middle-aged man squat by a river, holding fishing poles, and wearing sunglasses, hawaiian shirts, swim trunks, and flip flops.
  • A young boy and a middle-aged man sit next to each other on sand.


3:30   8:30

Wednesday, November 6


Director Takeshi Kitano
Cast Takeshi Kitano, Yusuke Sekiguchi, Kayoko Kishimoto
Screenplay Takeshi Kitano | Cinematography Katsumi Yanagijima
1999 | Japan | 35mm print courtesy The Japan Foundation Film Library | approx. 122 min. | In Japanese with English subtitles

With all his friends away, summer vacation is no fun for a 9-year-old boy who lives in Tokyo with his grandmother. When a neighbor learns about the boy’s plan to go find his mother in a faraway town, she tasks her deadbeat petty yakuza husband to accompany him. The unlikely pair begin their journey, making friends with colorful characters along the way. This picturesque road trip comedy full of deadpan humor, starts and ends in Shitamachi, the birthplace of the director and co-star Takeshi Kitano (Winner at 1997 Venice Film Festival), set to a soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away).

KIKUJIRO © Bandai Visual.

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