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  • A man and woman laying in bed look at and hold each other.



Saturday, October 26

恋文 (Koibumi)

Director Kinuyo Tanaka
Cast Masayuki Mori, Yoshiko Kuga
Screenplay Keisuke Kinoshita | Cinematography Hiroshi Suzuki
1953 | Japan | 35mm print courtesy The Japan Foundation Film Library | approx. 98 min. | In Japanese with English subtitles

Tough homecoming from the war for Masayuki Mori: the only job he can get is writing English letters for girls now hooked up with GIs, while still smarting from his own Dear John letter from childhood sweetheart Yoshiko Kuga – his next customer! … but she’s got her own story to tell. First film directed by super-star Tanaka (Ugetsu, etc.)

LOVE LETTER © Kokusai Hoei Co., Ltd.

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