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Important Update

Masks are not required, though they are encouraged. While we are no longer checking for proof of vaccination, we do, of course, strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated. Click here for more information.


  • A bald man stands in front of a crowd of people seated in a large, grand hall. Next to him is a naked man who is handcuffed and on display, as though being presented or auctioned.
  • Shadowy image of shirtless man lit from below.
  • Couples of two men in tuxedos each drag other men in tuxedos through a large, grand looking hall.



Saturday, November 16

(1992, Dan Pita) Ambitious young manager’s big plans to revitalize a fading luxury hotel go south when he’s demoted and forced to live in the basement. Ceausescu’s colossal palace was used as a location for this visually stunning Kafkaesque allegory. Silver Lion, Venice. Digital. Approx. 110 min.

Film Forum