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MAN IN THE DARK plus 3 Stooges in PARDON MY BACKFIRE – both in 3-D!


Tuesday, November 3

(1953, Lew Landers) 3-D NOIR: Gangster Edmond O’Brien gets amnesia after experimental brain surgery to cure his criminal tendencies — then his old gang wants to know where he stashed the loot. Plus Pardon My Backfire (1953): Knucklehead mechanics Moe, Larry and Shemp throw a whole arsenal of tools at some crooks — and you! Approx 90 min. Both DCP.


 “A rescued gem... An endless array of stuff comes whiffling at your face — a lit cigar, a repulsive spider, scissors, forceps, fists, falling bodies, and a roller coaster.”
– Elliott Stein, Village Voice

Film Forum