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Thursday, August 21

(1986) Did Michel Piccoli and Hans Meyer’s partner jump or was he pushed? Either way, the American Lady wants her money in two weeks. To pull a new job, they’ll need partner’s son Denis Lavant, busy now dumping Julie Delpy and reinventing alienation - and then he meets Piccoli’s 30-years-younger girlfriend Juliette Binoche. Carax’s deliriously intense mix of New Wave style with full-blown French Romanticism, its dazzling colors keyed to a retina-searing red. Approx. 105 min. DCP.


“Carax’s most purely delightful work… Bittersweet, haunting, and as original and eccentric as homage movies get, infusing arch neo-Godard poetics with grace notes cribbed from Griffith, Chaplin, and Cocteau.”
– Dennis Lim, Village Voice

“A Godard-meets-Chaplin-via-D.W. Griffith caper film.”
- Eric Grode, The New York Times