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Friday & Saturday, September 18 & 19

Miracolo a Milano (1951, De Sica) A tiny orphan found in a cabbage patch by 77-year-old silent screen veteran Emma Gramatica grows up to be Francesco Golisano, whose sunny outlook — plus the magic dove left him by Gramatica — help the denizens of a ramshackle Milanese squatters’ shantytown find the actual beauty in their lives. But when businessmen learn there’s oil there — is it time to fly away? Zavattini-scripted neo-realism and neo-fantasy and the Cannes Palme d’Or winner.  Approx. 100 min. DCP.


“FILLED WITH ASTONISHING SPECIAL EFFECTS AND SLAPSTICK STUNTS! Its Chaplinesque star, Francesco Golisano, is a superbly subtle physical comedian... The satire on the base cravings of rich and poor alike is also a cry of despair; De Sica’s celestial visions suggest that nothing short of a miracle will save those in need.”
– Richard Brody, New Yorker
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“DE SICA’S MOST DARING! A pure fairy tale set entirely in a garbage-dump squatters’ camp...the mood is buoyant and satirical, but the social commentary comes packed in grenades.” 
– Michael Atkinson, Village Voice
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“A glorious anomaly in De Sica’s career.”
– Stephen Harvey

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