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U.S., 1964
Directed by Larry Peerce
Starring Barbara Barrie, Bernie Hamilton, Richard Mulligan
Screenplay by Raphael Hayes and Orville H. Hampton
35mm. Approx. 83 min.

Young, single mother Julie (Barbara Barrie), takes all the right steps to create the best possible environment for her newborn daughter. But when she falls in love with Frank (Bernie Hamilton), a Black man who works at the same factory, her ex-husband, Joe (Richard Mulligan), takes her to court in the hopes of getting custody. Frank is advised to flee to keep his new family together, but he stays to confront the biased system.


“A heartbreaking story of an interracial marriage”
— Donald Bogle, Hollywood Black

“Made in Ohio on a subscription basis for a reported $250,000, this is a tender, tactful look at miscegenation that speaks in human rather than polemic terms. Set in a midwest US location (northern tier), it deals with a seemingly well-adjusted young Negro office worker who meets a young white divorcee who has a little girl. Their idyll grows slowly and gently as both react on normal planes with the color no apparent problem.”
 – Variety

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