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Wednesday, October 12
12:30   6:00

France, 1999
Directed by Benoît Jacquot
Starring Fabrice Luchini, Isabelle Huppert, Vincent Lindon
Approx. 104 min. DCP.

“This wry, low key satirical comedy benefits from a wonderful performance by Luchini as a disgraced businessman just out of jail. The one time captain of industry has completely reassessed his priorities. He's more interested in chatting to his chauffeur, his wife's hairdresser or ex-prison colleagues than in justifying his previous cut throat behavior. Jacquot's trick is to take a cynical, sophisticated capitalist and turn him into a holy innocent. At times, as he bumbles around Paris, he evokes memories of Peter Sellers' gardener in BEING THERE. The businessman's wife (Huppert) and family are perplexed by the transformation. Audiences, too, are likely to be a little baffled by a film which focuses so intently on such a quizzical, inscrutable character.” – Time Out

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