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  • Tupac Shakur holds a few of Janet Jackson's braids in his hands; she looks at him.
  • Close-up on Janet Jackson.
  • Janet Jackson looks tenderly at Tupac Shakur, whose face is in profile.


4:20   8:10

Thursday, February 6

(1993, John Singleton) “It’s the tale of a hairdresser, Justice (Janet Jackson), and a mailman, Lucky (Tupac Shakur). Fate throws them together with mutual friends, bickering lovers Iesha (Regina King) and Chicago (Joe Torry), on a road trip up the coast from LA to Oakland. In classic Hollywood style they loathe each other at first, but slowly come to fall in love.” – Time Out. With Maya Angelou, Tyra Ferrell. DCP. Approx. 109 min.

Film Forum