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Polanski’s MACBETH

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Thursday, January 21

New 4K Restoration

Directed by Roman Polanski

(1972) “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” ­– but the bodies keep piling up today, from the opening battle, to the beheading of the traitor Cawdor, to the – onscreen – murder of Duncan, to the electrifying final duel to the death (at each clash of metal on metal, and flesh on stone wall, Polanski cut a single frame of film, making the impact almost palpable). A graphic adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy of ambition, as Jon Finch’s Scottish laird decides to take those witches’ advice and go for the crown. Screenplay by Polanski and legendary critic/ Oh Calcutta! author Kenneth Tynan, with nudity and violence earning it an X rating. DCP. Approx. 140 min.