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Sunday, October 23

France, 2021
Directed by Thomas Kruithof
Starring Isabelle Huppert, Reda Kateb, Naidra Ayadi
Approx. 98 min.

"Ambition is the ruin of many a good politician. Thomas Kruithof’s smart, cautionary drama PROMISES follows a French mayor whose reputation for integrity is tested by the possibility of holding high office. The moral failings of elected officials should strike a chord in most societies and the commercial appeal of this satisfying, well-rounded tale is further enhanced by a fantastic ensemble cast led by Isabelle Huppert, Reda Kateb and various alumni of the Netflix hit LUPIN." – Screen Daily


“Moving along at quite a pace to take in the various components of the plot, the different levels of the decision-making apparatus (the government, city hall, political parties and the people) and the varying atmospheres, all the while aiming for a certain sense of urgency, PROMISES deftly transposes a complicated subject into an engaging story.”
– Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

Film Forum