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  • A woman crosses her arms and looks at a man who is barely in the frame.
  • A man in an inner tube, floating in water holds a sign that reads

Roberto Rossellini’s

2:35   8:40

Thursday, May 2

(1946) Six episodes of a nation at war, moving north from Sicily to the Po Valley, as the Americans land, a sciusià robs a black GI, another GI unknowingly meets an old love, amid street fighting a nurse searches for a lover, monks pray for the “heathen,” and partisans meet their doom. Rossellini, Fellini, and Sergio Amidei spent six months travelling the length of Italy to compile their material. With a completely non-professional cast; the Sicilian was barely literate. 35mm print courtesy of MoMA. Approx. 116 min.

Part of Roberto Rossellini’s War Trilogy.