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SHOES & Suspense

♪ 5:30

Sunday, August 6

(1916) Shopgirl Mary MacLaren, unable to afford a decent pair of shoes on her five-and-dime salary, is tempted by the uninvited advances of a cad, leading to... Weber based it on her experiences as a missionary among young girls in the NYC slums. Plus short Suspense (1913): Weber, starring as a home-alone mother terrorized by a tramp, uses cross-cutting and split-screen action to heighten the title’s claim. Both DCP. Approx. 70 min.


“There is such a thing as being too realistic.”
– Motion Picture News

“Devotes so much attention to materialist miserablism and real-time depiction of household chores, [it’s] nothing less than the Jeanne Dielman of its day.”
– Kyle Westphal

Film Forum